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Scripture Union is a Christian charity that aims to provide children and young people with opportunities to learn about the good news of Jesus, explore the Bible and grow in faith.  The organisation was established 150 years ago and now actively working in 120 countries around the world.  

Scripture Union reaches out to children and young people through community work, resources for schools, holiday clubs and events and their Revealing Jesus Framework. With 95% of all under 18s not in church, the task of reaching them with the good news of Jesus is huge and the Framework aims to help churches connect with children as well as support them with resources.  They have been recruiting volunteer Faith Guides in England and Wales to come alongside children and young people on their journey to faith. 

Scripture Union have been organising holidays and activities for children, young people and families for more than 100 years.  Please pray for all those volunteering across the country to provide events whether online or in person as they continue to reach out to children and families.

More details can be found on their website or the Mission Notice Board in the church foyer.  

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