The past year has been a difficult one for ICC whose areas of operation are relatively close to the original outbreak of Covid 19 and the subsequent lockdown has meant that many care centre staff were unable to leave their place of work for weeks on end. This caused much difficulty for the staff who had a prolonged stay within the care facilities and for others who were expecting to work their shifts and needed their expected income (incurring extra costs for ICC). The shifts were eventually reduced to fifteen days and now staff are able to rotate on a weekly basis. The church family generously answered an emergency appeal when Covid first struck and this was really appreciated. Our continued support of ICC is an enormous help to this charity. Money goes a long way in China and the charity is well led with low administration costs.

Unfortunately problems have also been experienced by both paid and volunteer staff unable to return from China and, the reverse, for those who find themselves unable to secure visas allowing them to return in order to continue their valuable work.

The work of ICC continues and all the charity’s work is ongoing in liaison with the Chinese authorities which continue to make significant funding contributions. Of particular mention is the Family Partners Programme which carries out ground breaking work in the community - the first of its kind in the country. In 2020 ICC staff were able to impact 190 families with their support, enabling children to stay with their families. This support takes various forms including vital medical assistance, therapies, special education and vocational training. The Civil Affairs Department in the province where ICC is involved has invited the charity to reach out in the future to thousands of families locally.




More information and updates can be found on the International China Concern website https://chinaconcern.org