International China Concern (ICC)


The May Mission Focus is International China Concern (ICC). Christ Church has been supporting this charity - which brings love, hope and opportunity to China's abandoned and disabled children - for many years and this has been greatly appreciated by the charity as although money goes a long way in China, the need is great.

From a few years after its conception ICC has been partnering with (and receiving financial contribution from) government in China as it takes children from welfare centres to ICC facilities nearby, where full educational, welfare and medical support is available. ICC has also been asked to play a part in staff training. It is now one of only twelve foreign NGO's working with children in China.

ICC also works to provide similar support within local communities via their Family Partners Programme. This enables children to stay within their families and has impacted more than 600 families in Hunan Province.

There is plenty of information and a prayer diary available on the International China Concern website and Valerie Birchell is always happy to chat about the charity's work on a one to one basis or to groups.