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New 5 week course starting 24th April 2024

Christ Church Little Heath

Great North Road

Potters Bar, EN6 1JN

01707 662460

Wednesday Afternoons

1:45pm - 2:45pm

(in time for the school run!)

24th April - Transformed by Love

1st May - Surprise by Hope

8th May - Filled with Peace

15th May - Living in Freedom

22nd May - Fulfilling our Purpose


If you’ve wondered about the claims of Jesus’ resurrection in the Bible, or whether there’s something more to the stories than just words, then ALIVE is for you.


It is an opportunity to look closer at the post resurrection appearances of Jesus, but more specifically, how he changed lives, and still changes lives; maybe even yours. We look at the basic human longings for love, hope, peace, freedom and purpose that we need to have satisfied if we are going to feel fully alive

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