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This autumn we are excited to be running some prayer courses!  

These will be on Monday afternoons (fortnightly) and Tuesday evenings (weekly).

If you would like to join the course please email Suzanne: or talk to Mark to register.

Monday sessions are at 2pm:


4th September – Why Pray?

18th September – Adoration

2nd October – Petition

16th October – Intercession

30th October – Unanswered Prayer

13th November – Contemplation

27th November – Listening

11th December – Spiritual Warfare

Tuesday sessions are at 7:15pm:


12th September – Why Pray?

19th September – Adoration

26th September – Petition

3rd October – Intercession

17th October – Unanswered Prayer

31st October – Contemplation

7th November – Listening

14th November – Spiritual Warfare

How To Pray Pete Greig.png

How to Pray by Pete Greig is a companion resource which follows the Prayer Course framework and contains insightful stories, recommended reading and resources, and full notation of all Scripture and resources.


We recommend that you buy this book and a hard copy, Kindle or Audible versions are available on Amazon here

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